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Data Security in Cloud Computing

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Editors: Vimal Kumar 1 ; Sivadon Chaisiri 1 ; Ryan Ko 1
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Publication Year: 2017

Cloud Computing has already been embraced by many organizations and individuals due to its benefits of economy, reliability, scalability and guaranteed quality of service among others. But since the data is not stored, analysed or computed on site, this can open security, privacy, trust and compliance issues. This one-stop reference covers a wide range of issues on data security in Cloud Computing ranging from accountability, to data provenance, identity and risk management. Data Security in Cloud Computing covers major aspects of securing data in Cloud Computing. Topics covered include NOMAD: a framework for ensuring data confidentiality in mission-critical cloud based applications; 3DCrypt: privacy-preserving pre-classification volume ray-casting of 3D images in the cloud; multiprocessor system-on-chip for processing data in Cloud Computing; distributing encoded data for private processing in the cloud; data protection and mobility management for cloud; understanding software defined perimeter; security, trust and privacy for Coud Computing in transportation cyber-physical systems; review of data leakage attack techniques in cloud systems; Cloud Computing and personal data processing: sorting out legal requirements; the Waikato data privacy matrix; provenance reconstruction in clouds; and security visualization for Cloud Computing.

Inspec keywords: security of data; data privacy; data visualisation; cloud computing; matrix algebra; cyber-physical systems

Other keywords: security visualization; Waikato data privacy matrix; software-defined perimeter; data confidentiality; cyber-physical systems; cloud computing; data security; data leakage attack; data provenance

Subjects: Graphics techniques; Information networks; Algebra; Data security; General and management topics; Internet software

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