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Modern Radar for Automotive Applications

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Editors: Zhengyu Peng 1 ; Changzhi Li 2 ; Faruk Uysal 3
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Publication Year: 2022

Radar is a key technology in the safety system of a modern vehicle. Automotive radars are the critical sensors in advanced driver-assistance systems, which are used in adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, blind spot detection, lane change assistance, and parking assistance.

The book covers all the modern radars used in automotive technology. A long-range radar mounted in the front of the vehicle is usually for adaptive cruise control. The medium range radars mounted in the front and rear provide wider coverage than the long-range radars and they can be used for cross traffic alert and lane change assistance. The corner mounted short range radars support parking aid, obstacle/pedestrian detection and blind spot monitoring. In real applications, these radars usually work together to provide more robust detection results. In this book, we also recognize that the future of automotive radars should not only address conventional exterior applications, but also play important roles for interior applications, such as gesture sensing for human-vehicle interaction and driver/passenger vital signs and presence monitoring.

The book is aimed at those radar engineers who are working on automotive applications.

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