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Aviation Cybersecurity: Foundations, principles, and applications

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image of Aviation Cybersecurity: Foundations, principles, and applications
Editors: Houbing Song 1 ; Abdullah Hopkinson 2 ; Tomaso De Cola 3 ; Tom Alexandrovich 4 ; Dahai Liu 5
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Publication Year: 2021

Aircraft are becoming increasingly reliant on computing and networking technologies, with the advent of the Internet of Things, but this makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This multidisciplinary book is at the cross section of aircraft systems, cybersecurity, and defence technologies. It covers the very latest in defending military and commercial aircraft against cyber-attacks. The interdisciplinary nature of aviation cybersecurity and its wide-ranging impact in various arenas require contributions of expertise from multiple disciplines to collaborate in identifying the most feasible ways forward. This book provides an understanding of the key technical, social and legal issues in aviation cybersecurity, explains the range of technical challenges involved, and proposes innovative solutions. Aviation Cybersecurity: Foundations, principles, and applications is a valuable resource for aviation and cybersecurity researchers and professionals in academia, industry, and military organisations.

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