Test and Evaluation of Aircraft Avionics and Weapon Systems (2nd Edition)

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Author(s): Robert E. McShea 1
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Publication Year: 2014

Technology is ever-changing in the field of aircraft avionics and new systems may require a different approach to testing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revises its regulatory material as a result of system updates and therefore requirements for airworthiness testing also need to be updated. Test and Evaluation of Aircraft Avionics and Weapon Systems, 2nd Edition is a unique training book which serves as both a text and practical reference for all personnel involved in avionics and weapons system evaluation and testing, in the air and on the ground. Whether training pilots and personnel or planning to test systems, this book provides readers with the fundamentals and practical information needed to get the job done. This new edition has been updated and expanded to offer additional chapter exercises plus three new chapters: 1. UAV technology has exploded on the scene, therefore creating a high demand for a guide to UAV testing; 2. Operational Test and Evaluation is a specialised form of testing accomplished by the end-user before final acceptance of the product; 3. Night Vision Systems and Helmet Mounted Displays are also newer technologies advanced in the revised edition.

Inspec keywords: autonomous aerial vehicles; data reduction; helmet mounted displays; data communication; radionavigation; weapons; system buses; electronic warfare; data analysis; electro-optical devices; military standards; radar detection; aircraft navigation; aircraft testing; aircraft displays; night vision; avionics

Other keywords: night vision imaging system; radio ranging; unmanned aerial vehicle; air-to-air-air-to-ground weapon integration; part 23/25/27/29 avionics civil certification; helmet mounted display; radio detection; digital data bus; operational test; HMD; data reduction; test management; infrared system; ranging radar; communication flight test; navigation system; radar detection; electrooptical system; NVIS; data analysis; electronic warfare; avionics integration flight test; MIL-STD-1553

Subjects: Image sensors; General electrical engineering topics; Avionics; Radionavigation and direction finding; Telerobotics; Signal detection; Radar equipment, systems and applications; Mobile robots; Data handling techniques; Air traffic control; Aerospace engineering computing; Electro-optical devices; General and management topics; Display equipment and systems; Aerospace control; Aerospace testing and simulation

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