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Radar and Electronic Warfare Principles for the Non-specialist

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Author(s): Paul Hannen 1
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Publication Year: 2013

Many readers will recognize the previous editions of this book covering the essentials of radar, but this new edition now includes the fundamentals of electronic warfare (EW) as well. This book distills the very complex, rich technologies of radar and EW into its fundamentals, tying them to the laws of nature on one end and to the most modern and complex systems on the other. This should be the first book selected to provide a solid foundation in both radar and electronic warfare. Readers with a technical or business degree should be well prepared to understand the vast majority of concepts in this book as they are mathematically represented using algebra. Some concepts use trigonometry and a very select few use calculus. It is written specifically for those with little or no knowledge of radar and EW technologies.

Other keywords: radar antenna; target detection; target signature; electronic warfare receiver; self-protection jamming electronic attack; radar measurement; target tracking

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