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Understanding Radar Systems

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Author(s): Simon Kingsley 1  and  Shaun Quegan 2
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Publication Year: 1999

What is radar? What systems are currently in use? How do they work? Understanding Radar Systems provides engineers and scientists with answers to these critical questions, focusing on actual radar systems in use today. It's the perfect resource for those just entering the field or a quick refresher for experienced practitioners. The book leads readers through the specialized language and calculations that comprise the complex world of modern radar engineering as seen in dozens of state-of-the-art radar systems. The authors stress practical concepts that apply to all radar, keeping math to a minimum. Most of the book is based on real radar systems rather than theoretical studies. The result is a valuable, easy-to-use guide that makes the difficult parts of the field easier and helps readers do performance calculations quickly and easily.

Inspec keywords: radar

Other keywords: radar applications; electronic engineering; modern radar types; radar topic; modern radar principles; physics; handy reference; radar system performance

Subjects: Military detection and tracking systems; Radar and radionavigation; General electrical engineering topics

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