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Radar Foundations for Imaging and Advanced Concepts

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Author(s): Roger J. Sullivan 1
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Publication Year: 2004

Through courses taught internally at the Institute for Defense Analysis, Dr. Roger Sullivan has devised a book that brings readers fully up to speed on the most essential quantitative aspects of general radar in order to introduce study of the most exciting and relevant applications to radar imaging and advanced concepts: Synthetic Aperture Radar (4 chapters), Space-time Adaptive Processing, moving target indication (MTI), bistatic radar, low probability of intercept (LPI) radar, weather radar, and ground-penetrating radar. Whether you are a radar novice or experienced professional, this is an essential reference that features the theory and practical application of formulas you use in radar design every day. With this book, you are taken step-by-step through the development of modern airborne microwave radar, up to the cutting edge of emergent technologies including new results on theoretical 2D and 3D SAR point-spread functions (PSF) and current discussions concerning dechirp/deskew processing, layover in SAR images, vibrating targets, foliage penetration, image quality parameters, and more. Plus, for students of electrical engineering, physics, and radar, this book provides the best source of basic airborne radar understanding, as well as a broad introduction to the field of radar imaging.

Inspec keywords: ground penetrating radar; space-time adaptive processing; Doppler radar; meteorological radar; synthetic aperture radar; radar imaging

Other keywords: radar foundations; pulse-Doppler radar; LPI radar; synthetic aperture radar; STAP; weather radar; air-to-air radar; MTI radar; bistatic radar; radar imaging; GPR; low-probability of intercept radar; SAR; ground-penetrating radar; radar fundamentals

Subjects: General electrical engineering topics; Radar and radionavigation; Optical, image and video signal processing

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