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Pulse Doppler Radar: Principles, technology, applications

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Author(s): Clive Alabaster 1
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Publication Year: 2012

This book is a practitioner's guide to all aspects of pulse Doppler radar. It concentrates on airborne military radar systems since they are the most used, most complex, and most interesting of the pulse Doppler radars; however, surface-based systems are also included. It covers the fundamental science, signal processing, hardware issues, systems design and case studies of typical systems. It will be a useful resource for engineers of all types (hardware, software and systems), academics, post-graduate students, scientists in radar and radar electronic warfare (EW) sectors and military staff. Case studies add interest and credibility by illustrating how and where the ideas presented within the book work in real life.

Inspec keywords: fast Fourier transforms; optimisation; airborne radar; Doppler radar; antennas

Other keywords: airborne fire control radar; PRF selection; antennas; waveform design; ghosting; optimization; PRF pulse Doppler; pulse Doppler radar; hardware; microwave engineering; surface radar; fast Fourier transform

Subjects: Military detection and tracking systems; Integral transforms; General electrical engineering topics; Radar equipment, systems and applications; Optimisation techniques; Radar theory; Antennas; Numerical analysis

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