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Principles of Waveform Diversity and Design

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Editors: Michael C. Wicks 1 ; Eric L. Mokole; Shannon D. Blunt 2 ; Richard S. Schneible; Vincent J. Amuso
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Publication Year: 2011

This is the first book to discuss current and future applications of waveform diversity and design in subjects such as radar and sonar, communications systems, passive sensing, and many other technologies. Waveform diversity allows researchers and system designers to optimize electromagnetic and acoustic systems for sensing, communications, electronic warfare or combinations thereof. This book enables solutions to problems, explaining how each system performs its own particular function, as well as how it is affected by other systems and how those other systems may likewise be affected. It is an excellent standalone introduction to waveform diversity and design, which takes a high potential technology area and makes it visible to other researchers, as well as young engineers.

Inspec keywords: remote sensing; diversity reception; chaotic communication; waveform analysis; radio spectrum management

Other keywords: distributed aperture sensing; long-range active sensing; remote sensing; matched illumination; spectrum management; waveform design; chaotic waveforms; waveform diversity paradigms; multimission systems; distributed aperture communications; imaging

Subjects: Communication system theory; General electrical engineering topics; Geophysical techniques and equipment; Legislation, frequency allocation and spectrum pollution; Radio links and equipment; Mathematical analysis

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