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Pocket Radar Guide: Key facts, equations, and data

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Author(s): G. Richard Curry
Publication Year: 2010

The Pocket Radar Guide is a concise collection of key radar facts and important radar data that provides you with necessary radar information when you are away from your office or references. It includes statements and comments on radar design, operation, and performance; equations describing the characteristics and performance of radar systems and their components; and tables with data on radar characteristics and key performance issues. It is intended to supplement other radar information sources by providing a pocket companion to refresh memory and provide details whenever you need them such as in meetings, while traveling, or in the field.

Inspec keywords: radar receivers; radar signal processing; radar transmitters; rain; radar clutter; radar antennas; radar tracking; radar detection

Other keywords: radar waveforms; radar tracking; radar cross-section; atmosphere; radar equations; clutter; radar frequency; transmitters; ionosphere; radar measurement; rain; antennas; decibels; receivers; radar detection; signal processor

Subjects: Signal processing and detection; Antennas; General electrical engineering topics; Radar equipment, systems and applications

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