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Microwave Receivers with Electronic Warfare Applications

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image of Microwave Receivers with Electronic Warfare Applications
Author(s): James B. Tsui
Publication Year: 2005

This book is a treatise on EW receivers that is relevant to you if you are just looking for a top-level insight into EW receivers or need to know the intricate details of cause and effect behavior in EW receiver theory and design. The book begins with a general discussion of EW receivers in their functional context and then goes into just the right amount of detail about the theoretical characteristics common to all receiver designs. Examples of this include receiver design issues impacting probability of detection, false alarm rate, and dynamic range performance. Tsui then describes the important characteristics of key emitter parameters to be measured by an EW receiver. He goes on to systematically cover each of the types of EW receivers by dedicating a chapter to each in well-organized and exquisite detail.

Inspec keywords: video amplifiers; military systems; power dividers; surface acoustic wave filters; oscillators; microwave receivers; electronic warfare; superheterodyne receivers; Fourier transforms; analogue-digital conversion

Other keywords: digital RF receiver; thermal noise; homodyne receiver; power divider; surface acoustic wave filter; compressive receiver; crystal video receiver; logarithmic amplifier; cueing receiver; electromagnetic delay line; single-signal dynamic range; Bragg cell receiver; hybrid receiver; optical Fourier transform; extremely high frequency receiver; superheterodyne receiver; channelised receiver; delay line; A-D converter; video amplifier; standard deviation frequency measurement; EW receiver system; microwave receiver; oscillator; optical processor; solid-state EHF source; diode detector; electronic warfare application

Subjects: General control topics; Electronic warfare; Radio links and equipment; Oscillators; General electrical engineering topics; A/D and D/A convertors; Radar equipment, systems and applications; A/D and D/A convertors; Amplifiers; Acoustic wave devices; Radio and television receivers; Passive filters and other passive networks; Waveguide and microwave transmission line components

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