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Airborne Early Warning System Concepts (3rd Edition)

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Editor: Maurice W. Long 1
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Publication Year: 2004

Supported by 202 equations and 170 illustrations, Airborne Early Warning System Concepts is an invaluable reference tool for a wide audience. It will be a welcome library addition for the engineer, scientist, system integrator, user, designer, or manager with interest in AEW concepts. It is also suitable for students and professors of electrical and system engineering or military science. This comprehensive discussion of airborne early warning (AEW) system concepts encompasses a wide range of issues, including capabilities and limitations, developmental trends and opportunities for improvement. Consisting of contributions from experts in the field, the book is presented at varying levels of complexity, ranging from elementary to advanced. For the generalist, the text provides a fundamental understanding of the status of AEW concepts with the use of only elementary mathematics. For the specialist, there are separate chapters that emphasize key AEW radar issues.

Inspec keywords: target tracking; clutter; sensors; radar target recognition; radar tracking

Other keywords: identification; clutter suppression; airborne platforms; sensors; target detection; AEW system limitation; airframe interaction; target classification; automatic tracking; antenna; airborne early warning system concepts; radar; constant false alarm rate processing; systems oriented people

Subjects: Radiowave propagation; Radar equipment, systems and applications; Radar theory; Signal processing and detection; General electrical engineering topics; Sensors and transducers (military and defence); Electromagnetic compatibility and interference; Sensing devices and transducers; Military detection and tracking systems

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