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Principles of Space-Time Adaptive Processing (3rd Edition)

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Author(s): Richard Klemm 1
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Publication Year: 2006

This book presents a systematic introduction to airborne MTI (moving target indication) system design for use in the fields of earth observation, surveillance and reconnaissance, with particular regard to the suppression of clutter returns. New developments in the field and special aspects of airborne MTI radar are included and make this book the definitive text on the principles of STAP.

Inspec keywords: synthetic aperture radar; space-time adaptive processing; sonar; phased array radar; radar clutter; airborne radar; interference suppression; spaceborne radar

Other keywords: signal processing; earth observation; surveillance; clutter suppression; airborne phased array radar; space-based MTI radar; clutter models; array processing; bistatic radar configurations; space-based phased array radar; anti-jamming technique; ISAR; bandwidth effects; nonlinear antenna arrays; moving target detection; reconnaissance; sonar; space-time adaptive processing

Subjects: Radar equipment, systems and applications; Signal processing and detection; Radar theory; Electromagnetic compatibility and interference

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