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Advanced Radar Techniques and Systems

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Editor: Gaspare Galati 1
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Publication Year: 1993

Within the wide and fascinating field of radar techniques and systems, this book describes in detail a number of areas of research related to system architecture and design, phenomenology, array antennas and signal processing. The topics covered include: radar detection; phenomenology of clutter and related constant false alarm rate (CFAR) processors; Doppler techniques for surveillance radar, multifunction radar and synthetic aperture radar; clutter suppression: moving target indicators and detectors, adaptive and optimum MTI (moving target indication); rejection of jamming in space and frequency domains; concepts of radar target identification; architectural options and trend in radar signal processing; phased arrays (array theory, analysis and synthesis techniques; array elements and mutual coupling effects; architecture, elements, design criteria and low-sidelobe techniques for active arrays); bistatic radar; and space-based radar. The book is primarily aimed at radar engineers and researchers, as well as at students of advanced radar.

Inspec keywords: radar

Other keywords: system architecture; array antennas; advanced radar systems; phenomenology; system design; signal processing; advanced radar techniques

Subjects: Radar and radionavigation

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