Weibull Radar Clutter

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image of Weibull Radar Clutter
Author(s): Matsuo Sekine 1  and  Yuhai H. Mao 2
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Publication Year: 1990

The material presented in this book is intended to provide the reader with a pratical treatment of Weibull distribution as applied to radar systems. This book is primarily written for radar engineeres. Topics include: general derivation of Weibull distribution, measurements of Weibull-distributed clutter, comparison of Weibulkl distribution with various distributions including Rayleigh, gamma, log-nornal and k- distributions to name just a few.

Inspec keywords: signal detection; radar clutter; Weibull distribution

Other keywords: signal detection; Weibull clutter suppression; Weibull radar clutter; Weibull distribution

Subjects: Radar theory; Signal detection; Radar equipment, systems and applications; Other topics in statistics

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