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AI for Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems

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Publication Year: 2024

Rising shares of renewable energy are needed to stave off catastrophic climate change, but also bring about the challenge of intermittency, jeopardizing power quality. Instead of large central generation units, many distributed generators and loads need to be managed in order to integrate renewable energy with power systems.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can meet this challenge with adaptive control and demand side management. When managing distributed and changing network components, AI can give control computers human-level performance, helping to solve key issues with intermittency, power quality and distributed generation and loads including EV. Use of AI for power systems has therefore become a research hotspot.

This reference book systematically treats the applications of AI in power electronics and renewable energy systems. The book begins with an introduction to AI in power systems, then subsequent chapters cover the use of AI for electric machine fault diagnosis, for power electronic reliability, design, and control, in dual-active-bridge converters; AI for distribution network voltage control, signal stability control, and energy management of hybrid systems as well as for renewable energy systems with AI. The book ends with conclusions and an outlook for AI in power systems. Numerous worked examples throughout the text help readers understand the operating and controlling guidelines.

Written by a team of well-known scientists and power system experts, AI for Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems is a valuable resource for researchers and PhD students, as well as experts in industry and utilities involved with electric power systems.

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