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Power Electronic Converters and Systems. Volume 2: Applications (2nd Edition)

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Editors: Marcelo Godoy Simões 1 ; Tiago Davi Curi Busarello 2
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Publication Year: 2024

Power electronics is a field in constant evolution. Power grids require further developments, and the overall society electrification requires enhanced power electronics and motor drives. New semiconductor wide bandgap devices and modern implementation hardware software play a key role, power converters for the direct current and alternating current electrical conversion, for changing voltage or frequency have become integrated with layers of communication, control, and information processing.

This expanded 2nd edition of Power Electronic Converters and Systems offers an update in two volumes, with a systematic revision of all chapters plus all-new chapters. An overview of modern power electronic converters and systems is provided, and their applications explored. Devices covered include semiconductor switches, various converters, switching power supplies, and smart power electronic modules. Applications approach unique motors and induction motor drives, renewable energy, distribution and microgrids, automotive and shipboard power systems and wireless power transfer, as well as advanced control.

In volume one, chapters cover semiconductor power devices, multilevel and multi-input converters, modular multilevel cascade and matrix converters, soft-switching, source power, and DC/DC converters, smart power electronics, motor drives, switched reluctance machines, reliability in power electronics and hardware-in-the-loop.

In volume two, chapters cover wind and PV energy principles, charging and battery management, DC-DC switched capacitor converters, batteries, shipboard power systems, advanced control and power filter control, more electric aircraft, fault ride through strategies for grid-connected PV, support functions and grid-forming control.

Both volumes offer key insights and up-to-date information for researchers and practicing engineers working in power electronics, converters and machine drives, electric vehicles, ship propulsion, battery storage, wind and photovoltaics solar energy and power conversion.

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