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Power Grids with Renewable Energy: Storage, integration and digitalization

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image of Power Grids with Renewable Energy: Storage, integration and digitalization
Author(s): Abdelhay A. Sallam 1  and  Om P. Malik 2
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Publication Year: 2020

Generation of electricity from renewable sources has become a necessity, particularly due to environmental concerns. In order for renewable sources to provide reliable power, their sporadic availability under certain conditions and the lack of control over the resource must be addressed. Different renewable energy sources and storage technologies bring various properties to the table, and power systems must be adapted and constructed to accommodate these. Power electronics and micro-grids play key roles in enabling the use of renewable energy in the evolving smarter grids. This book, written by well-known researchers with broad expertise and successful publication records, provides a systematic overview of modern power systems with integrated renewable energy. Chapters provide concise coverage of renewable energy generation, of storage technologies including chemical, electrostatic and thermal storage systems, and of energy integration, power conditioning systems, economic dispatch and scheduling, EV integration, as well as communications and cyber-security in power systems. This work is a highly valuable resource for researchers in industry and academia involved with renewable energy technology and power systems, for advanced students of related subjects, and for utilities engineers and professionals.

Inspec keywords: power generation scheduling; power system security; wind power; electric vehicles; power distribution economics; thermal energy storage; power generation economics; security of data; mechanical energy storage; power generation control; distributed power generation; renewable energy sources; load flow; solar power; fuel cells; tidal power stations

Other keywords: power systems Cybersecurity; modelling and control; generation scheduling; electrochemical energy storage systems; fuel cells; distributed energy resources Integration; microgrids; economic dispatch; ocean energy; mechanical energy storage systems; hybrid thermal and wind plants; tidal energy; power conditioning systems; thermal energy storage; electrical energy storage; wind energy; renewable energy; biomass energy; load flow analysis; solar energy; power grids; chemical energy storage systems; electric vehicles; power-to-gas

Subjects: Power system control; Solar energy; Fuel cells; Storage in mechanical energy; Distributed power generation; General electrical engineering topics; Tidal and flow energy; General control topics; Power system management, operation and economics; Wind power plants; General; Solar power stations and photovoltaic power systems; Transportation; Tidal power stations and plants; Wind energy; Storage in thermal energy; Data security; Control of electric power systems; Fuel cells; Power system protection

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