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Microgrids for Rural Areas: Research and case studies

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image of Microgrids for Rural Areas: Research and case studies
Editors: Rajeev Kumar Chauhan 1 ; Kalpana Chauhan 2 ; Sri Niwas Singh 3
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Publication Year: 2020

Large rural areas in some regions of the world are still grappling with the challenge of electrification. The optimal solution is to provide reliable energy without adding more fossil fuel plants by using distributed renewable generation. Microgrids are part of that solution; they are small networks of electricity users, with a local generator that is attached to a centralized larger grid, but which is also able to function independently. They need to be robust and resilient in order to provide reliable power, including in harsh climates. For remote areas microgrids have the advantage of offering an electricity supply even if there are problems with the larger power grid. This book focuses on the challenges of rural electrification, particularly in poorer regions. It covers low voltage DC distribution system for various applications including charging of electric vehicles (EV). Written by a large team of authors with a wide range of relevant experiences, the book addresses microgrid architectures, converters, energy storage, control, EV integration, business models and economic scheduling, and the role of blockchain technology. The authors have used case studies to provide illustrative examples of the technologies discussed and solutions proposed.

Inspec keywords: renewable energy sources; DC distribution systems; distributed power generation

Other keywords: renewable energy; renewable sources control; utility grid; dynamic pricing; DC distribution; energy management; microgrid; rural electrification; power balancing; peak demand savings; smart grid; electric vehicle charging; grid-connected configuration; energy cost reduction; low-voltage DC distribution system

Subjects: Distribution networks; Distributed power generation; General electrical engineering topics

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