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Electrical Steels - Volume 2: Performance and applications

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Publication Year: 2019

Volume 2 describes performance and outlines applications of electrical steels. Topics covered include localised characteristics of electrical steels; practical properties of electrical steels; other electrical steels; prediction of losses in electrical steels; application of electrical steels in transformer cores; applications of electrical steels in rotating electrical machines; non-sinusoidal magnetisation and applications; magnetic building factors in electrical steel cores; use of amorphous ribbon and nano-materials in transformer cores; electrical machine core vibration and noise; approaches to predictions and measurements of flux density and loss distributions in electrical machine cores; the application of international standards to magnetic alloys and steels; electrical steels and renewable energy systems; environmental impact of electrical steels; and typical performance data of commercial electrical steels. The companion Volume 1 covers the fundamentals and basic concepts of electrical steels.

Inspec keywords: transformer cores; magnetic cores; magnetisation; electrical products industry; silicon alloys; machinery production industries; ferromagnetic materials; turbomachinery; iron alloys; industrial economics

Other keywords: rotating electrical machines; magnetic properties; electrical steels; metallurgical features; localised magnetisation; electrical machine cores; FeSi; material production; transformers; magnetism; electrical machine manufacture; commercial issues

Subjects: Magnetic cores; Transformers and reactors; Ferromagnetic materials; Machinery and equipment industry; General electrical engineering topics; General topics in manufacturing and production engineering; Monographs, and collections; Economics; Magnetization curves, hysteresis, Barkhausen and related effects; Electrical equipment manufacturing; Ferromagnetism of Fe and its alloys

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