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Condition Monitoring of Rotating Electrical Machines (3rd Edition)

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Publication Year: 2020

Condition monitoring of engineering plants has increased in importance as engineering processes have become increasingly automated. However, electrical machinery usually receives attention only at infrequent intervals when the plant or the electricity generator is shut down. The economics of industry have been changing, placing ever more emphasis on the importance of reliable operation of the plants. Electronics and software in instrumentation, computers, and digital signal processors have improved our ability to analyse machinery online. Condition monitoring is now being applied to a range of systems from fault-tolerant drives of a few hundred watts to machinery of a few hundred MW in major plants. This book covers a large range of machines and their condition monitoring. This 3rd edition builds on the 2nd edition through a major revision, update of chapters and a comprehensive list of references rotating electrical machines; electrical machine construction, operation and failure modes; reliability of machines and typical failure rates; signal processing and instrumentation requirements; on-line temperature monitoring; on-line chemical monitoring; on-line vibration monitoring; on-line current, flux and power monitoring; on-line partial discharge (PD) electrical monitoring; on-line variable speed drive machine monitoring; off-line monitoring; condition-based maintenance and asset management; application of artificial intelligence techniques to CM; and safety, training and qualification.

Inspec keywords: partial discharge measurement; asset management; power measurement; vibration measurement; safety; training; qualifications; chemical variables measurement; condition monitoring; electric machines; electric current measurement; machine testing; electrical maintenance; temperature measurement; vibrational signal processing; reliability; variable speed drives; signal processing equipment; failure analysis; artificial intelligence

Other keywords: online chemical monitoring; training; machine reliability; condition-based maintenance; online vibration monitoring; rotating electrical machines; power monitoring; flux monitoring; failure rates; online temperature monitoring; safety; current monitoring; qualification; electrical machine construction; electrical machine operation; signal processing instrumentation; online PD electrical monitoring; asset management; condition monitoring; variable speed drive machine monitoring; offline monitoring; electrical machine failure modes; artificial intelligence techniques; partial discharge electrical monitoring

Subjects: Civil and mechanical engineering computing; Nonelectric variables measurement; Drives; Artificial intelligence; Education and training; Testing; d.c. machines; Vibrations and shock waves (mechanical engineering); Mechanical engineering applications of IT; a.c. machines; Computerised instrumentation; Electric and magnetic variables measurement; Products and commodities; Instrumentation; General and management topics; Mechanical drives and transmissions; Reliability; Health and safety aspects; Engineering mechanics; Plant engineering, maintenance and safety; General electrical engineering topics; Measurement; Production facilities and engineering; Signal processing and conditioning equipment and techniques; Dielectric breakdown and discharges; Maintenance and reliability; Education and training; Expert systems and other AI software and techniques; Inspection and quality control

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