Metaheuristic Optimization in Power Engineering

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Author(s): Jordan Radosavljevic 1
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Publication Year: 2018

A metaheuristic is a consistent set of ideas, concepts, and operators to design a heuristic optimization algorithm, that can provide a sufficiently good solution to an optimization problem with incomplete or imperfect information. Modern and emerging power systems, with the growing complexity of distributed and intermittent generation, are an important application for such methods. This book describes the principles of solving various problems in power engineering via the application of selected metaheuristic optimization methods including genetic algorithms, particle swarm optimization, and the gravitational search algorithm. Applications covered include power flow calculation; optimal power flow in transmission networks; optimal reactive power dispatch in transmission networks; combined economic and emission dispatch; optimal power flow in distribution networks; optimal volt/var control in distribution networks; optimal placement and sizing of distributed generation in distribution networks; optimal energy and operation management of microgrids; optimal coordination of directional overcurrent relays; and steady-state analysis of self-excited induction generators.

Inspec keywords: optimisation; power systems

Other keywords: power engineering; power system problems; power system optimization; metaheuristic optimization methods

Subjects: Optimisation techniques; General electrical engineering topics; Power systems

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