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Wind and Solar Based Energy Systems for Communities

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image of Wind and Solar Based Energy Systems for Communities
Editors: Rupp Carriveau; David S-K Ting
Publication Year: 2018

A sustainable community energy system is an approach to supplying a local community - ranging from a few homes or farms to entire cities - with its energy requirements from renewable energy or high-efficiency co-generation energy sources. Such systems are frequently based on wind power, solar power, biomass, either singly or in combination. Community energy projects have been growing in numbers in several key regions.This book provides an overview of existing and emerging community energy technologies. Topics covered include data-driven methods for prediction of small to medium wind turbines performance; optimization of wind farms for communities; financing for community wind and photovoltaic project development; community-level solar thermal systems; solar water desalination for small communities; community solar photovoltaic projects; assessing wind loads for urban photovoltaic installations; design optimization of multi-energy hubs for community energy projects; battery based storage for communities; power-to-gas and power-to-power for storage and ancillary services in urban areas; smart multi-energy microgrids; and conservation and demand management in community energy systems. Wind and Solar Based Energy Systems for Communities is essential reading for researchers and engineers working to develop community energy systems and advance the transition to a clean energy future.

Inspec keywords: desalination; photovoltaic power systems; wind turbines; battery storage plants; demand side management; energy conservation; solar power stations; wind power plants

Other keywords: solar based energy systems; community-level solar thermal systems; wind based energy systems; data-driven methods; solar-water desalination; smart multienergy microgrids; battery-based storage; community energy projects; solar project development; multienergy hubs; design optimization; demand management; urban photovoltaic installations; small-to-medium wind turbine performance prediction; power-to-gas; wind load assessment; ancillary services; wind farm optimization; community energy systems; community wind project development; community solar PV projects; energy conservation

Subjects: Wind power plants; Solar power stations and photovoltaic power systems; Power system management, operation and economics; Other power stations and plants; General electrical engineering topics; Energy conservation

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