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Renewable Energy from the Oceans: From wave, tidal and gradient systems to offshore wind and solar

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image of Renewable Energy from the Oceans: From wave, tidal and gradient systems to offshore wind and solar
Editors: Domenico Coiro 1 ; Tonio Sant 2
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Publication Year: 2019

There are many ways to harness the renewable and emissions-free energy available from the Earth's oceans. The technologies include wave energy, tidal and current energy, and energy from thermal and salinity gradients. In addition, offshore wind energy and marine (floating) solar arrays offer a possibility to exploit vast resources that are far larger than those available onshore. The potential capacities range from many hundreds of gigawatts to terawatts of generation. These technologies could contribute a significant part of the global electricity demand; they are particularly suitable for providing sustainable power to marine regions and island communities and nations. This book brings together contributions from international experts with academic and industry backgrounds to provide a systematic overview of ocean energy technologies, their readiness and modelling, as well as installation and grid connection technologies.

Inspec keywords: wave power generation; wind power; tidal power stations; systems engineering; reviews; solar power; marine engineering; power grids; hydroelectric power; power generation planning; salinity (geophysical); offshore installations

Other keywords: system engineering analysis; oceans; tidal systems; grid connection; planning; gradient systems; storage; offshore wind; installation; wave systems; renewable energy resources; overview; ocean energy technologies; offshore solar; energy conversion

Subjects: Tidal and flow energy; Monographs, and collections; Wind power plants; Solar power stations and photovoltaic power systems; Energy extraction from the oceans; General electrical engineering topics; Wave power; Wind energy; Power system planning and layout; Tidal power stations and plants; Energy resources; Solar energy

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