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Monitoring and Control using Synchrophasors in Power Systems with Renewables

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image of Monitoring and Control using Synchrophasors in Power Systems with Renewables
Editors: Innocent Kamwa 1 ; Chao Lu 2 ; Lipeng Zhu 3
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Publication Year: 2020

With the integration of more distributed or aggregated renewables, and the wide utilization of power electronic devices, modern power systems are facing new stability and security challenges, such as the weakly damped oscillation caused by wind farms connected through long distance transmission lines, the frequency stability problem induced by the reduction of inertia and the voltage stability issue resulting from the interactions between transmission systems and dynamic loads. Meanwhile, synchronized phasor measurement technology developed very fast in the last decade, and more phasor measurement units (PMUs) and wide area measurement systems (WAMSs) have been deployed. These provide more insights into the system dynamics and approaches to overcoming the new challenges. This book addresses the emerging concepts, methodologies and applications of wide area monitoring, control and protection in power systems with integrated large scale renewables. Chapters cover monitoring, modelling and validation, control, and data mining with an emphasis on synchrophasor technology, and experiences with real power grids.

Inspec keywords: oscillations; data analysis; frequency control; voltage control; power system interconnection; parameter estimation; photovoltaic power systems; wind power plants; power system stability; phasor measurement; power system measurement; power system control; distributed power generation; renewable energy sources

Other keywords: renewable energy integration; coherency identification; parameter identification; photovoltaic plant; wind curtailment minimisation; multiple PMU data; Intelligent voltage regulation scheme; phasor measurement unit algorithms; renewable power system interharmonics monitoring; data quality impact; interconnected power systems; modern power systems; wind farms; load modeling; synchrophasor measurements; hierarchical data-driven method; distribution networks; fast state estimator; islanded microgrids; delay compensation; one-shot wide-area stability controls; response-based event detection; wide-area measurement systems; online short-term voltage stability monitoring; wide-area trajectory data analytics; adaptive wide-area power oscillation damper design; power system controlled islanding schemes; causality analysis

Subjects: General electrical engineering topics; Power system control; Solar power stations and photovoltaic power systems; Control of electric power systems; Wind power plants; Power system measurement and metering; Frequency control; Power system management, operation and economics; Voltage control; General and management topics; Distributed power generation

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