Energy Storage at Different Voltage Levels: Technology, integration, and market aspects

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image of Energy Storage at Different Voltage Levels: Technology, integration, and market aspects
Editors: Ahmed F. Zobaa 1 ; Paulo F. Ribeiro 2 ; Shady H. Aleem 3 ; Sara N. Afifi 4
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Publication Year: 2018

In an era of increasing contributions from intermittent renewable resources, energy storage is becoming more important to ensure a resilient and reliable electricity supply. Energy Storage at Different Voltage Levels presents the technology, integration and market aspects of energy storage in the various generation, transmission, distribution, and customer levels of the grid. Starting with a comprehensive overview of energy storage technologies and their emerging codes and standards, the book discusses energy storage capacity requirements in electricity mix scenarios at different levels; energy storage in microgrids; energy storage in electricity markets; the role of storage in transmission investment deferral and management of future planning uncertainty; sizing of battery energy storage for end user application under time of use pricing; evaluation of multiple storage benefits and optimization of energy storage operations in distribution networks; use and role of flywheel energy storage systems; forecasting and optimization for multi-purpose application of energy storage systems to deliver grid services (a case study of the smarter network storage project); and optimal coordination between generation and storage under uncertainties. Also included are country-specific case studies from Romania, Italy and Turkey.

Inspec keywords: power markets; distributed power generation; power system interconnection; power system economics; flywheels; power system planning; energy storage; power system management; battery storage plants

Other keywords: Italy; planning uncertainty; grid services; energy storage technologies; microgrid; distribution networks; time of use pricing; transmission investment deferral; flywheel energy storage systems; forecasting; smarter network storage project; generation; electricity markets; optimisation; end-user applications; Romania; USA; battery energy storage

Subjects: Energy storage; Other power stations and plants; Power system planning and layout; Distributed power generation; Energy and environmental policy, economics and legislation; Monographs, and collections; Other energy storage; General electrical engineering topics; Power system management, operation and economics

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