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Bifacial Photovoltaics: Technology, applications and economics

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Editors: Joris Libal 1 ; Radovan Kopecek 1
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Publication Year: 2018

Bifacial photovoltaic (PV) modules are able to utilize light from both sides and can therefore significantly increase the electric yield of PV power plants, thus reducing the cost and improving profitability. Bifacial PV technology has a huge potential to reach a major market share, in particular when considering utility scale PV plants. Accordingly, bifacial PV is currently attracting increasing attention from involved engineers, scientists and investors. There is a lack of available, structured information about this topic. A book that focuses exclusively on bifacial PV thus meets an increasing need. Bifacial Photovoltaics: Technology, applications and economics provides an overview of the history, status and future of bifacial PV technology with a focus on crystalline silicon technology, covering the areas of cells, modules, and systems. In addition, topics like energy yield simulations and bankability are addressed. It is a must-read for researchers and manufacturers involved with cutting-edge photovoltaics.

Other keywords: levelized cost; PV systems; bankability; PV-generated electricity; design; environmental conditions; reliability; bifacial gain; geographic location; characterisation; energy yield prediction simulation models; PV technologies market introduction; bifacial solar cells

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