Introduction to the Smart Grid: Concepts, Technologies and Evolution

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image of Introduction to the Smart Grid: Concepts, Technologies and Evolution
Author(s): Salman K Salman 1
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Publication Year: 2017

In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that conventional electrical networks cannot meet the requirements of the 21st century. These include reliability, efficiency, liberalisation of electricity markets, as well as effective and seamless integration of various types of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and customers as players. The emergence of new technologies such as distributed control, monitoring devices, and tremendous advances in information and communication technology have paved the way to realize the Smart Grid concept. This book identifies and discusses the tools required to ensure the interoperability among the various digitally-based components of the Smart Grid. Topics covered include an introduction to the smart grid concept; smart grid versus conventional electric networks; smart grid infrastructure; interoperability standards; communication system and its cyber security; international standard IEC 61850 and its application to smart grids; power system protection under smart grid environment; application of smart grid concept to distribution networks; integration of electric vehicles; energy storage systems; and the smart transmission grid. Introduction to the Smart Grid: Concepts, Technologies and Evolution is essential reading for researchers, engineers and advanced students working in energy engineering.

Inspec keywords: distribution networks; battery storage plants; power system protection; smart power grids

Other keywords: power system protection; distribution networks; energy storage systems; smart grid

Subjects: Other power stations and plants; General electrical engineering topics; Power networks and systems

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