Power Quality in Future Electrical Power Systems

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image of Power Quality in Future Electrical Power Systems
Editors: Ahmed F. Zobaa; Shady H. Abdel Aleem
Publication Year: 2017

Power quality is necessary for electrical systems to operate in their intended manner without any deterioration of performance. This book highlights the new emerging challenges of power quality due to the penetration of large-scale renewable energy generation technologies, the advances in nonlinear loads, the increased electricity demands in the deregulated market, and the recent requirements of smart grids that need better hierarchical design with enhanced quality, improved controllability, higher reliability, and security. Novel research that links the past, present and future of electrical power grids from a power quality perspective is also introduced. Topics include power quality definitions; frequency-domain power theory and metering of harmonic pollution responsibility; active and passive harmonic filters; shunt flexible AC transmission; power quality improvement using series FACTS; distributed generation systems; islanding scenario generation algorithm; decentralised voltage control in smart grids; techno-economic issues of power quality; economic robust programming for energy management systems; and future trends in power quality. Power Quality in Future Electrical Power Systems is a tool for planners, designers, operators and practicing engineers of electrical power systems who are concerned with power network quality, reliability, and security. It is essential reading for postgraduate students, engineers, academics, and researchers who have some background in electrical power systems.

Inspec keywords: power supply quality; harmonic distortion; power system harmonics; power grids; power system stability; power system interconnection; power system economics

Other keywords: nonlinear loads; power system harmonics distortion; stability margins; future electrical power systems; interconnected power grids; electricity demands; transmission losses; distribution losses; power system economic operation; power quality; power conditioners; large-scale renewable energy-based generation technology; voltage quality reduction

Subjects: General electrical engineering topics; Power supply quality and harmonics; Power system control; Power system management, operation and economics

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