Reliability of Power Electronic Converter Systems

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Editors: Henry Shu-hung Chung 1 ; Huai Wang 2 ; Frede Blaabjerg 3 ; Michael Pecht 4
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Publication Year: 2015

The main aims of power electronic converter systems (PECS) are to control, convert, and condition electrical power flow from one form to another through the use of solid-state electronics. This book outlines current research into the scientific modeling, experimentation, and remedial measures for advancing the reliability, availability, system robustness, and maintainability of PECS at different levels of complexity. Drawing on the experience of an international team of experts, this book explores the reliability of PECS covering topics including an introduction to reliability engineering in power electronic converter systems; anomaly detection and remaining-life prediction for power electronics; reliability of DC-link capacitors in power electronic converters; reliability of power electronics packaging; modelling for life-time prediction of power semiconductor modules; minimization of DC-link capacitance in power electronic converter systems; wind turbine systems; smart control strategies for improved reliability of power electronics system; lifetime modelling; power module lifetime test and state monitoring; tools for performance and reliability analysis of power electronics systems; fault-tolerant adjustable speed drive systems; mission profile-oriented reliability design in wind turbine and photovoltaic systems; reliability of power conversion systems in photovoltaic applications; power supplies for computers; and high-power converters. Reliability of Power Electronic Converter Systems is essential reading for researchers, professionals and students working with power electronics and their applications, particularly those specialising in the development and application of power electronic converters and systems.

Inspec keywords: variable speed drives; wind turbines; electronics packaging; photovoltaic power systems; reliability; power convertors

Other keywords: power module; wind turbine systems; reliability engineering; photovoltaic systems; power electronic converter systems; adjustable speed drive; power electronic packaging

Subjects: Reliability; Solar power stations and photovoltaic power systems; Power convertors and power supplies to apparatus; General electrical engineering topics; Product packaging; Drives; Wind power plants; Power electronics, supply and supervisory circuits

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