Protection of Electricity Distribution Networks (3rd Edition)

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image of Protection of Electricity Distribution Networks
Author(s): Juan M. Gers  and  Edward J. Holmes
Publication Year: 2011

High quality electrical service is everyday more stringent in utilities and industrial facilities around the world. One of the main players to achieve this is the protection system, which has to be reliable, fast and with a good cost/benefit ratio. This book refers to most aspects of electrical protections, with emphasis on Distribution Systems. Protection of generation and transmission systems are also treated in the text. References to modern topics such as the Distributed Generation, Smart Grid and Standard IEC 61850 have been introduced. Written by two well experienced engineers who combine a comprehensive theoretical background with examples and exercises, this book will allow the reader to easily follow the ideas explored. The book will be valuable to pre and postgraduate students, design, maintenance and consulting engineers as well as instructors looking for proper references.

Inspec keywords: smart power grids; power generation protection; distributed power generation; IEC standards; power transmission protection; power distribution protection

Other keywords: electricity distribution network protection; high quality electrical service; generation systems; transmission systems; protection system; electrical protections; smart grid; power utilities; distributed generation; IEC 61850 standard; industrial facilities; cost/benefit ratio

Subjects: Power system management, operation and economics; Power system protection; Distributed power generation; Distribution networks

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