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Lightning Electromagnetics

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Editor: Vernon Cooray 1
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Publication Year: 2012

Lightning research is an interdisciplinary subject where several branches of engineering and physics converge. Lightning Electromagnetics is a book that caters for the needs of both physicists and engineers. It provides: The physicist with information on how to simulate: the charge generation in thunderclouds, different discharge processes in air that ultimately lead to a lightning flash, and the mechanism through which energetic radiation in the form of X-rays and Gamma rays are produced by lightning flashes; The power engineer with several numerical tools to study the interaction of lightning flashes with power transmission and distribution systems; The telecommunication engineer with numerical procedures with which to calculate the electromagnetic fields generated by lightning flashes and their interactions with overhead and underground telecommunication systems; The electromagnetic specialist with the basic theory necessary to simulate the propagation of lightning electromagnetic fields over the surface of the Earth; The atmospheric scientist with numerical procedures to quantify interactions between lightning flashes and the Earth's atmosphere, including the production of NOx by lightning flashes occurring in the atmosphere. This book also contains a chapter on the stimulation of visual phenomena in humans by electromagnetic fields of lightning flashes, which is essential reading for those who are interested in ball lightning.

Inspec keywords: clouds; power system transients; earthing; ionosphere; lightning; corona; underground cables; integral equations; antenna theory; nitrogen compounds; visual perception; mesosphere; magnetosphere; transmission line theory; electromagnetic fields; thunderstorms; poles and towers

Other keywords: engineering application; overhead cable; Sommerfeld integrals; cloud charging process; NOx generation; air nonthermal electrical discharges; Schumann resonance; electromagnetic model; lightning electromagnetics; mesosphere; corona; underground cable; electromagnetic field; lightning strikes; NOx production; accelerating charge; propagating current pulse; thunderstorm; NOx; lightning flash development; electromagnetic theory; high energetic radiation; power system; grounded structure; visual sensory experience excitation; atmosphere discharge process; low-pressure electrical discharge; tall tower; magnetosphere; lightning transient; transmission line model; antenna model; ionosphere; electric field; return stroke model; method of moments; streamer; finitely conducting ground

Subjects: Gas discharges; Cloud physics; Power transmission lines and cables; Glow and corona discharges; Antenna theory; Power system protection; Transmission line theory; Atmospheric storms; Moving charges in electric and magnetic fields; Power systems; Atmospheric electricity; Wires and cables; Steady-state electromagnetic fields; electromagnetic induction

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