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Embedded Generation

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Author(s): N. Jenkins  and  et al.
Publication Year: 2000

The use of combined heat and power (CHP) plants and renewable energy sources reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and helps to alleviate the consequent climate change. The policies of many governments suggest that the proportion of electrical energy produced by these sources will increase dramatically over the next two decades. Unlike traditional generating units, these new types of power plant are usually 'embedded' in the distribution system or 'dispersed' around the network. As a result, conventional design and operating practices are no longer applicable; for example, power protection principles have to be revised and complex economic questions need to be resolved. This book, intended for both students and practising engineers, addresses all the issues pertinent to the implementation of embedded generation. Much of the material was originally developed for the UMIST MSc/CPD course in Electrical Power Engineering so there is a strong tutorial element. However, since this subject is evolving very rapidly, the authors also discuss the technical and commercial consequences of the very high penetration of embedded generation that are to be expected in the years ahead.

Inspec keywords: electric power generation; cogeneration

Other keywords: Electrical Power Engineering; embedded generation; combined heat and power plants

Subjects: Thermal power stations and plants

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