Electrical Safety: a guide to causes and prevention of hazards

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image of Electrical Safety: a guide to causes and prevention of hazards
Author(s): J. M. Adams
Publication Year: 1994

This book explains the hazards associated with electricity in its many forms, including electromagnetic radiation. It describes methods of reducing risks to health and to the environment, giving rules and codes of practice to be followed. Guidelines are also given for the use of electrical equipment in specialised environments (such as locations subject to explosive gases and flammable dusts), the guarding of machine tools and the control of earth currents. Human safety and care for the environment are of increasing concern and the broad scope of the book makes it essential reading for those involved in engineering and technology at all levels; no specialised knowledge of electro-technology is presumed. It is a reference book for personnel responsible for their company's safety policy and for municipal authorities (particularly in Commonwealth countries) and other bodies concerned with technical training, industrial development and planning.

Inspec keywords: electromagnetic waves; electrical safety; installation; explosives; flames; hazardous areas; health and safety

Other keywords: safety policy; specialised environments; electrical safety; human safety; earth current control; electrical hazard prevention; electromagnetic radiation; electrical equipment; industrial development; health risks reduction; technical training; industrial planning; explosive gas; flammable dusts; machine tools; municipal authority

Subjects: Plant engineering, maintenance and safety; Manufacturing facilities; Health Physics; Electrical contracting and installation; Health and safety aspects; Electromagnetic compatibility and interference

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