MATLAB® for Electrical and Computer Engineering Students and Professionals: With Simulink®

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Author(s): Roland Priemer 1
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Publication Year: 2013

This book combines the teaching of the MATLAB® programming language with the presentation and development of carefully selected electrical and computer engineering (ECE) fundamentals. This is what distinguishes it from other books concerned with MATLAB®: it is directed specifically to ECE concerns. Students will see, quite explicitly, how and why MATLAB® is well suited to solve practical ECE problems. This book is intended primarily for the freshman or sophomore ECE major who has no programming experience, no background in EE or CE, and is required to learn MATLAB® programming. It can be used for a course about MATLAB® or an introduction to electrical and computer engineering, where learning MATLAB® programming is strongly emphasized. A first course in calculus, usually taken concurrently, is essential. The book will also serve EE or CE professionals who need to learn MATLAB® and who prefer learning via examples directly relevant to their work. The distinguishing feature of this MATLAB® book is that about 15 per cent develops ECE fundamentals gradually, from very basic principles. Because these fundamentals are interwoven throughout, MATLAB® can be applied to solve relevant, practical problems. The plentiful, in-depth example problems to which MATLAB® is applied were carefully chosen so that results obtained with MATLAB® also provide insights about the fundamentals.

Other keywords: electrical and computer engineering fundamentals; Matlab programming skills; electrical engineering students; computer engineering students; ECE fundamentals

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