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Trustworthy Autonomic Computing

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Author(s): Thaddeus Eze 1
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Publication Year: 2022

The concept of autonomic computing seeks to reduce the complexity of pervasively ubiquitous system management and maintenance by shifting the responsibility for low-level tasks from humans to the system while allowing humans to concentrate on high-level tasks. This is achieved by building self-managing systems that are generally capable of self-configuring, self-healing, self-optimising, and self-protecting.

Trustworthy autonomic computing technologies are being applied in datacentre and cloud management, smart cities and autonomous systems including driverless cars. However, there are still significant challenges to achieving trustworthiness. This book covers challenges and solutions in autonomic computing trustworthiness from methods and techniques to achieve consistent and reliable system self-management. Researchers, developers and users need to be confident that an autonomic self-managing system will remain correct in the face of any possible contexts and environmental inputs.

The book is aimed at researchers in autonomic computing, autonomics and trustworthy autonomics. This will be a go-to book for foundational knowledge, proof of concepts and novel trustworthy autonomic techniques and approaches. It will be useful to lecturers and students of autonomic computing, autonomics and multi-agent systems who need an easy-to-use text with sample codes, exercises, use-case demonstrations. This is also an ideal tutorial guide for independent study with simple and well documented diagrams to explain techniques and processes.

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