The Early History of Radio: from Faraday to Marconi

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image of The Early History of Radio: from Faraday to Marconi
Author(s): G. R. M. Garratt
Publication Year: 1994

Radio was as much the culmination of the work of a series of scientists in the 19th Century, starting with Faraday, as it was an invention by Marconi. This book aims to illustrate the contributions made by these scientists and show how each was dependent upon the work and ideas of his predecessors; Faraday, Henry, Maxwell, Hughes, Fitzgerald, Hertz, Lodge and Marconi.

Inspec keywords: resonance; radio receivers; Maxwell equations; history; electromagnetic wave propagation; radio transmitters; electromagnetic field theory

Other keywords: resonance; Marconi; transmitter; electromagnetic wave propagation; electromagnetic field; Gerald Ganatt; Maxwell; Faraday's first prediction; radio; prehistory; receiver

Subjects: Electromagnetic wave propagation; Electromagnetic waves: theory; History of science; Other general electrical engineering topics; Radio links and equipment

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