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Digital Methods and Tools to Support Healthy Ageing

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image of Digital Methods and Tools to Support Healthy Ageing
Editors: Pradeep Kumar Ray 1 ; Siaw-Teng Liaw 2 ; J. Artur Serrano 3
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Publication Year: 2021

While digital transformations are happening in all walks of society and business, there is real potential for improving the quality of life of the elderly using digital methods and tools. This book evolved from a recent multi-country and multi-disciplinary initiative called Digital Health for the Ageing Population. This project (2019-2021) aimed to promote the general awareness of digital health for the ageing population with collaborative research across several countries including Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Norway, The Netherlands, and USA.Digital health promises to deliver better healthcare quality cost-efficiently to more people, especially in the case of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. It will achieve this by combining the benefits of telehealth, eHealth, data-driven personalised healthcare, and evidence-based care. This book presents a discussion of evolving digital technologies, such as smart phones and assisted living, and innovative digitally based services that are helping improve the quality and cost of healthcare for the elderly.With its international scope and detailed coverage of relevant digital methods and tools, this book will benefit healthcare technologists, ICT developers, managers of healthcare and mobile healthcare projects, and academic researchers working in related fields.

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