Handbook of Speckle Filtering and Tracking in Cardiovascular Ultrasound Imaging and Video

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image of Handbook of Speckle Filtering and Tracking in Cardiovascular Ultrasound Imaging and Video
Editors: Christos P. Loizou 1 ; Constantinos S. Pattichis 2 ; Jan D'hooge 3
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Publication Year: 2018

Ultrasound imaging technology has experienced a dramatic change in the last 30 years. Because of its non-invasive nature and continuing improvements in image quality, ultrasound imaging is progressively achieving an important role in the assessment and characterization of cardiovascular imaging. Speckle is inherent in ultrasound imaging giving rise to a granular appearance instead of homogeneous, flat shades of gray, as is visible and as such, speckle can severely compromise interpretation of ultrasound images, particularly in discrimination of small structures. On the other hand, speckle can be used in the detection of time varying phenomena, or tracking tissue motion. The objective of this book is to provide a reference edited volume covering the whole spectrum of speckle phenomena, theoretical background and modelling, algorithms and selected applications in cardiovascular ultrasound imaging and video processing and analysis. The book is organized under the following four parts, Part I: Introduction to Speckle Noise; Part II: Speckle Filtering; Part III: Speckle Tracking; Part IV: Selected Applications in Cardiovascular Imaging.

Inspec keywords: medical image processing; biomedical ultrasonics; object tracking; video signal processing; cardiovascular system; image filtering

Other keywords: speckle noise; speckle filtering; ultrasound video; cardiovascular ultrasound imaging; speckle tracking

Subjects: General and management topics; Digital signal processing; Biology and medical computing; Sonic and ultrasonic radiation (medical uses); General electrical engineering topics; Sonic and ultrasonic applications; Biomedical engineering; Sonic and ultrasonic radiation (biomedical imaging/measurement); Optical, image and video signal processing; Textbooks

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