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Wearable Technologies and Wireless Body Sensor Networks for Healthcare

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image of Wearable Technologies and Wireless Body Sensor Networks for Healthcare
Editors: Fernando José Velez 1 ; Fardin Derogarian Miyandoab 1
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Publication Year: 2019

Continuous advances in wearables, sensors and smart Wireless Body Area Network technologies have precipitated the development of new applications for on-, in- and body-to-body wearable communications for healthcare and sport monitoring. Progress in this cross-disciplinary field is further influenced by developments in radio communication, protocols, synchronization aspects, energy harvesting and storage solutions, and efficient processing techniques for smart antennas. This book covers various scenarios and solutions using sensor devices and systems for activity recognition and their applications, including wearable communication, smart sensing, RF propagation, and measurement. The authors illustrate conceptual aspects and applications, and provide a new vision in characterising wearable technologies and the need for interoperability. Energy harvesting within wearable solutions is a key issue addressed here as it helps increase energy efficiency and reliability in wearable antennas and sensor devices.

Inspec keywords: gait analysis; wireless sensor networks; wearable antennas; Zigbee; body area networks; energy harvesting; biomedical telemetry; obstetrics

Other keywords: energy harvesting; healthcare; hardware-efficient time synchronization; foetal movement monitoring; supercapacitor radio frequency energy harvesting; medical WBANs; cognitive radio; -movement identification; wireless body sensor networks; packet concatenation; human gait analysis; first response team body-area environment monitoring; wearable technologies; high data rate; human activity recognition systems; sub-layer protocols; textile material electromagnetic characterisation; RF energy harvesting; multichannel scheduled channel polling

Subjects: Antennas; Biomedical communication; Telemetry; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Wireless sensor networks; General electrical engineering topics; Physics of body movements; Microwaves and other electromagnetic waves (biomedical imaging/measurement); Sensing devices and transducers; Textbooks; Microwaves and other electromagnetic waves (medical uses)

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