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Enhanced Living Environments: From models to technologies

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image of Enhanced Living Environments: From models to technologies
Editors: Rossitza Ivanova Goleva 1 ; Ivan Ganchev 2 ; Ciprian Dobre 3 ; Nuno Garcia 4 ; Carlos Valderrama 5
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Publication Year: 2017

Enhanced living environments employ information and communications technologies to support true ambient assisted living for adults and people with disabilities. This book provides an overview of today's architectures, techniques, protocols, components, and cloud-based solutions related to ambient assisted living and enhanced living environments. Topics covered include: an introduction to enhanced living environments; pervasive sensing for social connectedness; ethics in information and communication technologies; service scenarios in smart personal environments; technological support to stress level monitoring; big data systems to improve healthcare information searching over the Internet; sensors for wireless body area networks; linear wireless sensor networks and protocols in next generation networks; model-compilation challenges for cyber-physical systems; health monitoring using wireless body area networks; wearable health care; and intelligent systems for after-stroke home rehabilitation.

Inspec keywords: wide area networks; wireless sensor networks; medical information systems; ethical aspects; protocols; assisted living; ubiquitous computing; cyber-physical systems; Big Data; psychology; handicapped aids; cloud computing; home computing

Other keywords: information ethics; socioecological psychology; Big Data healthcare system; AALaaS platform; social connectedness; Internet; stress-level monitoring; after-stroke home rehabilitation; ELEaaS platform; wireless body area networks; linear wireless sensor networks; healthcare information searching; pervasive sensing; smart personal environments; protocols; health monitoring; enhanced living environments; next-generation networks; wearable healthcare; cyber-physical systems; communication ethics

Subjects: General and management topics; Aids for the handicapped; Biomedical communication; Computer assistance for persons with handicaps; Biology and medical computing; Home computing; General electrical engineering topics

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