Human Monitoring, Smart Health and Assisted Living: Techniques and technologies

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image of Human Monitoring, Smart Health and Assisted Living: Techniques and technologies
Editors: Sauro Longhi 1 ; Andrea Monteriu 1 ; Alessandro Freddi 2
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Publication Year: 2017

Interest in Information and Communication Technologies for human monitoring, smart health and assisted living is growing due to the significant impact that these technologies are expected to have on improving the quality of life of ageing populations around the world. This book brings together chapters written by a range of researchers working in these topics, providing an overview of the areas and covering current research, developments and applications for a readership of researchers and research-led engineering practitioners. It discusses the promises and the possible advantages of these technologies, and also indicates the challenges for the future. Topics covered include: personal monitoring and health data acquisition in smart homes; contactless monitoring of respiratory activity; technology-based assistance of people with dementia; wearable sensors for gesture analysis; design and prototyping of home automation systems for the monitoring of elderly people; multi-sensor platform for circadian rhythm analysis; smart multi-sensor solutions for activity detection; human monitoring based on heterogeneous sensor networks; mobile health for vital signs and gait monitoring systems; and smartphone-based blood pressure monitoring for falls risk assessment.

Inspec keywords: assisted living; patient monitoring; gait analysis; data acquisition; medical signal processing; sensor fusion; pneumodynamics; blood pressure measurement; circadian rhythms

Other keywords: human monitoring; prototype realization; smart homes; heterogeneous sensor network; dementia; health data acquisition; contactless monitoring; feasibility study; respiratory activity; smart health living; assisted living; personal monitoring; ADL detection; elderly people; technology-based assistance; ambient intelligence; gait monitoring systems; smart healthcare applications; circadian rhythm analysis; electromagnetic waves; mHealth environments; Smartphone-based blood pressure monitoring; gesture analysis; wearable sensors; home automation system; fall risk assessment; vital signs

Subjects: Biomedical measurement and imaging; Physics of body movements; Signal processing and detection; Biomedical engineering; Biology and medical computing; Data acquisition systems; Sensor fusion; Digital signal processing; Haemodynamics, pneumodynamics

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