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Integral Equations for Real-Life Multiscale Electromagnetic Problems

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Editors: Francesca Vipiana 1 ; Zhen Peng 2
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Publication Year: 2023

Integral Equations for Real-Life Multiscale Electromagnetic Problems brings together and explains the main available approaches for the numerical solution of surface integral equations that can be used to analyse real-world multi-scale electromagnetic problems. In computational electromagnetics, formulations based on surface integral equations are currently the most commonly-used option for the analysis of electrically large and complex structures, but it is essential to have available state-of-the-art techniques to solve them in an efficient and accurate way.

The book is organised into seven scientific chapters, which thoroughly and systematically explore these advanced techniques. Topics covered include: surface integral equation formulations; kernel-based fast factorization techniques; kernel-independent fast factorization methods for multiscale electromagnetic problems; domain decomposition method (DDM); multi-resolution preconditioner; Calderón preconditioners for electromagnetic integral equations; and decoupled potential integral equation. Finally, the editors share their conclusions and perspectives, and provide context on the important role of software simulation of electromagnetic phenomena in various engineering endeavours.

Compiled and curated by two expert editors with more than 20 years' experience in computational electromagnetics, and with substantial experience in developing algorithms to numerically solve integral equations in the case of discretized real-life structures, this book is a valuable resource for any and all researchers working in the field of computational electromagnetics or on associated software and tools.

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