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Non-Redundant Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation Techniques

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Publication Year: 2022

Near-field (NF) measurement techniques and the related NF to far-field (FF) transformations are gaining interest for their ability to allow an accurate evaluation of the radiation characteristics of those antennas whose electric sizes do not make it possible to perform direct FF measurements in a controlled and reflection-free environment, such as the anechoic chamber.

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of classical NF-FF transformation techniques and describes the significant improvements achieved in their performance by correctly applying the non-redundant sampling representations of antenna radiated electromagnetic (EM) fields.

Non-Redundant Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation Techniques is designed to meet the needs of students of antenna NF measurements, as well as of engineers and physicists working in the area. It has been written keeping in mind the fulfilment of two main objectives. The former is to provide all the analytical details on the derivation of the classical NF-FF transformation techniques without and with probe compensation, which are not easily available elsewhere in the literature. The latter is to give a comprehensive description of effective representations of the EM fields radiated over arbitrary rotational surfaces, which make use of a non-redundant (i.e., minimum) number of samples collected on these surfaces or along proper spirals wrapping them.

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