Developments in Antenna Analysis and Design: Volume 1

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image of Developments in Antenna Analysis and Design: Volume 1
Editor: Raj Mittra
Publication Year: 2018

Developments in Antenna Analysis and Design presents recent developments in antenna design and modeling techniques for a wide variety of applications, chosen because they are contemporary in nature, have been receiving considerable attention in recent years, and are crucial for future developments. It includes topics such as body-worn antennas, that play an important role as sensors for Internet of Things (IoT), and millimeter wave antennas that are vitally important for 5G devices. It also covers a wide frequency range that includes terahertz and optical frequencies. Additionally, it discusses topics such as theoretical bounds of antennas and aspects of statistical analysis that are not readily found in the existing literature. This first volume covers the theory of characteristic modes (TCM) and characteristic bases; wideband antenna element designs; MIMO antennas; antennas for wireless communication; reconfigurable antennas employing microfluidics; flexible and body-worn antennas; and antennas using meta-atoms and artificially-engineered materials, or metamaterials (MTMs). A second volume covers the topics of: graphene-based antennas; millimeter-wave antennas; terahertz antennas; optical antennas; fundamental bounds of antennas; fast and numerically efficient techniques for analyzing antennas; statistical analysis of antennas; ultra-wideband arrays; reflectarrays; and antennas for small satellites, viz., CubeSats. The two volumes represent a unique combination of topics pertaining to antenna design and analysis, not found elsewhere. It is essential reading for the antenna community including designers, students, researchers, faculty engaged in teaching and research of antennas, and the users as well as decision makers.

Inspec keywords: broadband antennas; MIMO communication; metamaterial antennas; leaky wave antennas; mobile antennas; microstrip antennas; loop antennas; directive antennas; microwave antennas; wearable antennas

Other keywords: artificially engineered materials; complex platforms; reconfigurable leaky-wave antennas; wearable antennas; wireless communications; antenna design; MIMO antenna systems; meta-atoms engineered materials; metamaterials antennas; reconfigurable high-gain antennas; Wearable technology; human health monitoring; characteristic basis function methods; mobile platform; flexible antennas; metasurfaces antennas; characteristic mode; wideband L-probe patch antenna; microwave antennas; microfluidically reconfigurable antennas; metamaterial-based zero-phase-shift-line loop antennas; antenna analysis

Subjects: Radio links and equipment; Single antennas

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