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Nano-Electromagnetic Communication at Terahertz and Optical Frequencies: Principles and Applications

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image of Nano-Electromagnetic Communication at Terahertz and Optical Frequencies: Principles and Applications
Editors: Akram Alomainy 1 ; Ke Yang 2 ; Muhammad A. Imran 3 ; Xin-Wei Yao 4 ; Qammer H. Abbasi 3
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Publication Year: 2019

Recent advancements in carbon and molecular electronics have opened the door to a new generation of electronic nanoscale components. This book outlines the basic principles of electromagnetic-based communication at this nanoscale using terahertz and optical frequencies with a focus on theoretical principles and applications. It answers the questions: How can nano-devices communicate with each other by applying electromagnetic techniques? Do conventional communication and networking schemes and principles still apply? How feasible is it to deploy such networks with various applications? Topics covered include an introduction to nano-communication; fundamentals and applications of nano-electromagnetic communications; simulation and experimental platforms for nano-electromagnetic communication networks; terahertz antenna design for wearable applications; terahertz application in food contamination detection; channel modelling for electromagnetic nano-communication; modulation, coding and synchronization techniques for nano-electromagnetic communications in the terahertz band; routing protocols for nano-electromagnetic communication networks; error control mechanisms for nano-electromagnetic communication networks; and conclusion and future outlook.

Inspec keywords: wearable antennas; terahertz wave devices; nanocommunication (telecommunication); optical communication; routing protocols

Other keywords: nano-EM communication; state-of-the-art; THz components; optical frequencies; network layer; nano-electromagnetic communication networks; physical layer; nano-electromagnetic communication

Subjects: Optical communication; Antennas; Communication network design, planning and routing; Protocols; General electrical engineering topics; Optical communication devices, equipment and systems; Optical communication; Monographs, and collections

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