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Post-processing Techniques in Antenna Measurement

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Editors: Manuel Sierra Castaner 1 ; Lars J. Foged 2
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Publication Year: 2019

This book summarises recent developments and enhancements in post-processing techniques that increase the quality and effectiveness of modern antenna measurements. Recent advances in near to far field transformation algorithms for enhancing measurement accuracy in the presence of different common error sources are explained in detail. Developments in techniques for reducing the effect of echoes, noise, and leakage, and to reduce acquisition time, are also explored. The book is written by a range of experts from academia and industry. It explains and illustrates by practical examples several very efficient source reconstruction techniques, and the use of modal and spatial filtering techniques to understand intimate features of measured antennas. It explains phase recovery techniques and demonstrates how combining simulations and measurements can allow for more accurate and faster antenna designs. The book is a useful resource for academics and industry professionals interested in both antenna measurement and design.

Inspec keywords: antenna testing; reflector antennas; horn antennas

Other keywords: cylindrical mode expansion; post-processing techniques; equivalent currents reconstruction; spherical mode expansion; phase recovery; holographic techniques; antenna measurement

Subjects: Single antennas; General electrical engineering topics

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