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Advances in Mathematical Methods for Electromagnetics

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Editors: Kazuya Kobayashi 1 ; Paul Denis Smith 2
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Publication Year: 2020

This book covers recent achievements in the area of advanced analytical and associated numerical methods as applied to various problems arising in all branches of electromagnetics. The unifying theme is the application of advanced or novel mathematical techniques to produce analytical solutions or effective analytical-numerical methods for computational electromagnetics addressing more general problems. Each chapter contains an outline of its topic, discusses its scientific context and importance, describes approaches to date, gives an exposition of the author's approach to the problem tackled in the chapter, describes the results, and concludes with a discussion of the range or class of problems where the techniques described work most appropriately and effectively. Intended primarily for researchers in the fields of electrical engineering, mathematics, physics and related disciplines, the book offers systematic and thorough coverage of this complex topic. It is hoped that the book will help to stimulate further investigation and discussion of the important problems in electromagnetics within this research community.

Inspec keywords: computational electromagnetics; electromagnetic wave diffraction; waveguide theory; electromagnetic wave scattering

Other keywords: analytical regularization; dispersive material systems; elongated cross-section; wave equation; electromagnetic surface waves scattering; complex canonical diffraction problems; geophysical media; electromagnetics integral equations; uniform complex-source beams; volume singular integral equations; generalized functions; dielectric-wedge Fourier series; line source radiation; electromagnetics mathematical methods; two-dimensional arbitrary open cavities; discrete electromagnetics; hybrid ray-mode techniques; quantum optics; biological media; resonance scattering; Huygens' principle; complex environments electromagnetics; right-angled dielectric wedge; analytical regularization method; inhomogeneous media; far-field pattern; imperfectly conducting canonical bodies; high frequency techniques; spherical-multipole analysis; circular cylinders arrays; randomly located obstacles; Green's theorem; Wiener-Hopf Fredholm factorization technique; Multiple scattering; function theoretic methods; waveguides scattering; elliptic cylinder; topological photonics; quasiHelmholtz projectors; integral representation theory; Wiener-Hopf analysis; beam-based local diffraction tomography; bounded piece-wise homogeneous domains

Subjects: Electromagnetic waves: theory; Waveguide and cavity theory; General electrical engineering topics; Textbooks; Electromagnetic wave propagation

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