Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by Obstacles

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Author(s): Gerhard Kristensson 1
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Publication Year: 2016

This book is an introduction to some of the most important properties of electromagnetic waves and their interaction with passive materials and scatterers. The main purpose of the book is to give a theoretical treatment of these scattering phenomena, and to illustrate numerical computations of some canonical scattering problems for different geometries and materials. The scattering theory is also important in the theory of passive antennas, and this book gives several examples on this topic. Topics covered include an introduction to the basic equations used in scattering; the Green functions and dyadics; integral representation of fields; introductory scattering theory; scattering in the time domain; approximations and applications; spherical vector waves; scattering by spherical objects; the null-field approach; and propagation in stratified media. The book is organised along two tracks, which can be studied separately or together. Track 1 material is appropriate for a first reading of the textbook, while Track 2 contains more advanced material suited for the second reading and for reference. Exercises are included for each chapter.

Inspec keywords: Green's function methods; approximation theory; electromagnetic wave scattering; time-domain analysis

Other keywords: spherical vector waves; electromagnetic waves scattering; time domain; integral representation; dyadics; introductory scattering theory; spherical objects; approximations; green functions; stratified media propagation

Subjects: General electrical engineering topics; Interpolation and function approximation (numerical analysis); Mathematical analysis; Electromagnetic wave propagation

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