Spectrum and Network Measurements (2nd Edition)

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Author(s): Robert A. Witte 1
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Publication Year: 2014

This updated edition of the industry's classic text combines the theory, practice, and latest technology of spectrum and network measurements in electronic systems to offer a comprehensive and easy way to understand frequency domain measurements. Spectrum and Network Measurements, 2nd Edition has been completely updated to take into account the latest technology, particularly focusing on the shift from analog to digital in communication systems, plus an important new chapter on EMC measurements of radiated and conducted emissions has also been added. Using simplified block diagrams, this book offers a thorough coverage of critical concepts, such as decibels, Fourier analysis, noise effects, impedance matching, intermodulation distortion, reflection measurements, and S-Parameters. By picking up where the majority of electrical engineering programs stop, this title takes basic EE theory and translates it to the world of electronic measurements. This enables the reader to understand the basic theory of signals and systems, relate it to measured results, and apply it when creating new designs.

Inspec keywords: network analysers; fast Fourier transforms; pulse measurement; spectral analysers; electromagnetic compatibility; electric noise measurement; transmission lines; filtering theory; two-port networks; distortion measurement

Other keywords: fast Fourier transform analyzer; Fourier theory; spectrum measurement; distortion measurement; EMC measurement; modulation measurement; transmission lines; filtering; Decibels; two-port network; swept spectrum analyzer; network analyzer; noise measurement; vector network measurement; pulse measurement; averaging

Subjects: Network and spectrum analysers; General electrical engineering topics; Integral transforms; Textbooks; Electromagnetic compatibility and interference; Electric noise and interference measurement; Filtering methods in signal processing

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